Radial Engine Classics is an outgrowth of Radial Engines, Ltd, the premier FAA Certified Repair Station overhauling radial engines in the under-450 hp class. Over the years, several of the REL customers asked if it would be possible for them to have a coffee table made that would match the engine on their airplane with the same careful attention to detail for which REL is known. The production of these coffee tables marked the first time that radial engine tables had been assembled to museum quality standards, and the owners were thrilled. As word spread the demand for not only coffee tables, but also of other creations utilizing vintage radial engine parts, grew and the decision was made to establish a separate company to fill those requests. Today, Radial Engine Classics stands ready to supply your needs for radial engine art and furniture, whether from our line of existing designs or your dream of “what if we…”

Feedback from our customers:

“The LeRhone is perfect! It is more magnificent than I had even hoped. I can only describe it as museum quality. You and your team should be very proud of your craft…It got here in perfect shape, not a mark or scratch on it. Everyone who sees it is blown away…” - Tom (CT)

“I just received the coffee table and cannot tell you how pleased I am with its appearance. It is exactly what I hoped that it would be…” - Ralph (CA)

“The closer that I look at the table, the more I appreciate the detail work…Everyone that has seen the table is impressed. Several have offered to buy it on the spot! - Woody (FL)