Where do you get the engines that you use in your tables?
Our sister company, Radial Engines Ltd, is a FAA Certified Repair Station overhauling radial engines for the antique aircraft community. Engine parts that are found not to be serviceable for a flying aircraft are used by Radial Engine Classics to create artwork.

How can I have the engine delivered to me and how much are typical shipping charges?
We crate the engines in wooden crates and ship by motor freight. We have very good discounts (73% off list) with several freight companies and pass that discount along to you. A typical table such as the Aviator coffee table will cost about $200 to ship to either coast.

Can I pick up my engine at your location?
That is not a problem. We have both a loading dock and fork lift on site.

How are the engines detailed cosmetically?
Radial Engines, Ltd is known worldwide for meticulous cosmetic detail in each of the engines overhauled and sent out for use on flying aircraft. Radial Engine Classics incorporates the same attention to detail in each of our tables and other art creations. From beautiful sanded and filled automotive paint finishes on the engine cases to chrome and gold plated accents, attention to detail is paramount. Further, our goal is to make each engine look as if it is ready to start, run, and take to the skies!

Can I get a table with the cases finished in a custom color?
Absolutely! Give us a color code or sample, and we will match it.

What is the lead-time to have a table built?
If we have your choice in stock, we can typically ship the next day. If we have to assemble your table or build to custom colors or specifications, it can take up to three weeks.

Do you have a show room where I can see the various pieces in person?
We have most of our production pieces and a few of the custom ones available for viewing in our show room at 9550 W. Seward Rd. Guthrie, OK.

I have an idea for a special table built around a WWI Rotary engine that I presently own. Can you take this engine and make it into a table to my specifications?
We certainly can. We recently built a LeRhone display for a customer who supplied an engine that had in the past been stripped internally, and had been in his family since 1922. (see One-Off Creations)405-433-2263
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