The Aviator
“The Aviator” coffee table Fashioned from a WWII vintage Continental W670, Jacobs R755, or Lycoming R680 radial engine, “The Aviator” coffee table is a finely detailed example of an Art Deco radial engine. Painted in authentic colors and finished with chrome and polished brass accents, this table echoes the nostalgia of a bygone era of aviation. 20” high with 48” or 60” glass tabletop.
(255 lbs) $7750.00

The Navigator
“The Navigator” Table This table is constructed from the internal parts of a early 1930s vintage Continental W670, Jacobs R755, or Lycoming R680 radial aircraft engine with each part in its correct placement. All the gears and other steel parts are polished and chromed, all the aluminum pistons and rods are polished, and gold plated accents are added to display the beauty and natural symmetry of this design. This table will accept a 30” to 48” diameter glass table top and may be utilized as a bar table (40” height), dining table (30” height) or coffee table (20” height).
(135 lbs) $7000.00

The Copilot
“The Copilot” bar table This table displays the power-generating heart of any radial engine: the master rod assembly and pistons. All the aluminum and brass parts are polished to a high luster; the steel parts have been polished and chromed. This table normally is fitted with a 30” diameter table top and is built to bar table height (40”) but may be custom ordered to coffee table height (20”) or any other height in between.
(110 lbs) $2750.00

Emerging Engine
The “Emerging Engine” wall sculpture I had always dreamed of cutting a radial engine in half, mounting the front half on a wall and the rear half on the opposite side of the same wall. The “Emerging Engine” is the fulfillment of that dream. Beautifully detailed as the airworthy engines are finished, the “Emerging Engine” looks as if it is frozen in time halfway through the wall. Fitted with a genuine (but unairworthy) aircraft propeller on the front half of the engine and a polished stainless steel exhaust system on the rear, the engine has been lightened by the removal of the unseen internal engine parts. Each engine half only weighs 130 lbs, easily supportable by any wood or metal studded wall. Special mounting brackets and hardware are furnished with each engine, as well as instructions for installation. This engine can be supplied in the Continental, Lycoming, or Jacobs version.

The “Emerging Engine” can also be furnished as the front half of the engine only, if so desired.
(130 lbs - each half) $9000.00 (Complete) / $5000 (Front half only)

The Whirlwind
The “Whirlwind” Ceiling Fan For several years we were asked by customers why we had not yet built a radial engine ceiling fan. In response to these requests, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our line of Golden Age creations: The “Whirlwind” ceiling fan. By again reducing weight as much as possible we have constructed a ceiling fan weighing 120 lbs that still shows the attention to cosmetic minute detail as our other pieces. The ceiling fan can be created from the Continental, Lycoming, or Jacobs radial aircraft engines.
(135 lbs) $5200.00


Piston Bookends
Piston Bookend Each set of two piston bookends is fashioned from a 1930s era radial engine piston. Each piston half is polished to a high sheen and then waxed to preserve the polish.

Magneto Bookend
Each magneto bookend is a faithfully detailed 1930s Bendix Scintilla magneto that originally powered the ignition system of a Waco, Stearman, or Staggerwing biplane. Each comes complete with the phenolic magneto blocks and polished clamp.Prop Hub Pencil Holder This original propeller hub is polished, chromed, and functions with art deco style as a pencil and pen holder.
$150.00 each

Prop Hub Pencil Holder
This original propeller hub is polished, chromed, and functions with art deco style as a pencil and pen holder.
$175.00 each

Master Rod Bookend
This bookend is created from an original Jacobs radial engine master rod with two polished link rods.
$125.00 each

The following are some of the projects that we have done on a custom order basis. If we do not have what you are looking for, or what you envision, call us and we can discuss your dream.

LeRhone 90C functioning display engine
Though this engine had been a dilapidated display for years, Radial Engine Classics detailed the engine, then fabricated new bearings and a stand, allowing it to rotate just as it did during WWI! Jacobs Cutaway Engine One of our first display engines, this cutaway is used at airshows and fly-ins around the country to demonstrate to the public the internal workings of a radial engine. The handle on the crankshaft can be turned by hand to watch the rods and pistons move. 300hp Lycoming Display Engine One customer saw our Whirlwind Ceiling Fan at Sun ‘n Fun ’07 and decided that he wanted a display engine on a stand that was detailed exactly as the fan. This was the result of that effort.